Oct 7, 2011

Munching through Melbourne

Tell me that doesn't look totally amazing?

Well I can confirm to your curious tastebuds that yes, that amazing looking morsel to the right is was just that - AMAZING! It was once a delicious looking piece of raw lucuma and blueberry cheesecake, complete with a passionfruit dribble drizzle. Now it is but meerly a mouth watering memory I can recall if and when need be :)

This was only one of a few delicious things I treated myself too whilst down in Melbourne, even if it was only for 24hrs.

I flew down first thing Wednesday morning to go see Vienna: Art and Design at the National Gallery of Victoria. Why? Because I am a big fan of Gustav Klimt's artworks and having missed his pieces when I was in Paris 6yrs ago (of course it was the only section of the Gallery they were doing up at the time), I had to go see his work this time 'round. And I'm so so so glad I did.

Now this photograph below doesn't do the artwork justice in the slightest, but if you can imagine walking into a white painted room, and looking up to see this at one end, and the other walls covered in similar paintings, totally surrounding you, WOW! I was speechless. I spent a good 10 minutes or so just staring and admiring this room of paintings.

Anyways, onto the FOOD! So after a couple of hours of city wandering and meeting my step-dad for a green tea, I hurried up to RMIT University to meet my friend Lucy at the RealFoods Cafe and get some good food into me! I was starving!  

Green smoothie and the best granola bar ever were very much welcomed into my rumbling belly! Lucy and I sat there for a bit catching up and laughing before we both went our separate ways for the rest of the afternoon, before meeting up later for dinner.

A 45min walk to where I was staying, the afternoon sun was too delicious to not get out for a run (of course I packed my trainers). I ventured out and found a great park with a running track and some equipment to do some strength work too. Loads of people were out running, walking, bike riding, and skipping...
I love seeing that in Melbourne. Alot of people ride around everywhere, and the city has bikes for hire now to encourage more riders. I suppose as it;s so flat it's easier to do unlike Sydney where every turn is also a dip or another incline.

Then out for dinner where I walked over to Brunswick St and plonked my bum down at Yong Green Food restaurant. A vego/vegan asian food place, they now have a pretty decent sized raw menu -

Mock Salmon Roe; carrots, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, capsicum, cuke, avo, cashew cream wrapped in nori sheets
Cashew Bread Sandwich; with tomato, cuke, avo, lettuce, beet and walnut dip and tomato salsa
Nachos; chia chips with guac, salsa, cashew cheese, and spicy seeds
Nutty Burger; pattie of carrots, walnuts, flax, sunflower seeds, vegies and herbs, with avo, tomato, cashew sauce and side salad
Rawsagna; zuke with mushies, onion, cashew cream, tomato sauce
Hawaiian Live Pizza; macadamia nut bread topped with tomato sauce, cashew cheese, pineapple, olives and side salad

Nutty Burger at Yong's Green Food

I ordered the Nutty Burger after what was probably the longest decision making process in history! But you see, Lucy was running late and not really hungry so was just gonna do dessert, so I had to make the choice all on my own! If I had someone to share it with, I would've easily just got one of everything and split it!! :)
Anyways, no regrets. The Nutty Burger was so good, and had so much flavour!

When Lucy arrived, we ordered dessert. I got the Raw Pecan Pie (after culling off the multiple flavours of raw cheesecakes, a carrot cake, chocolate fudge and green tea ganache - only coz I figured that one I'd take away). It came out looking divine, but I have to say I was a little disappointed.
Not because it wasn't nice, but because I was expecting something sweeter with a real caramel-pecan-ness to it. But this was so, and tasted more like coconut to me. Still yummy, but I wanted caramel mmm.

Raw Pecan Pie at Yong's Green Food

Lucy ordered a Mango Lassi made with cashew milk which was uber good, and a few pieces of the green tea ganache. Oh. My God.

This was to die for! This is a combination of green matcha, brazil nuts, coconut, and agave covered in rich dark raw chocolate. The texture was exactly that of marzipan. And with a much similar flavour too. I'm definatley going to try and re-create this one sometime soon.

The restaurant itself was very busy but I have been told that it's always like that. Great food, friendly service, and pretty quick too. Without a doubt I'll be back there asap!

Once we left there Lucy took me over to Veggie Bar. This place is a sort of institution with locals I believe. The vibe is kinda American-burger-joint style. Trendy tunes, cool set-up, neon lights, great looking menu, generous servings, decent prices! What more could you ask for? And yep, it's all vego! These guys also do a small raw menu which changes daily. The night we went though - that amazing cheesecake.

Veggie Bar
Melbourne... Until next time

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  1. I am currently in Melbourne and have found myself unknowingly following your footsteps in culinary adventures! And can I just say it has been HEAVEN!
    I loved the nutty burger at Yong Green Food, the green tea ganache was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! and I also took away a raw carrot cake which was quite light and yummy of course =)
    And today I got to sample the lemon lime raw cheesecake at vegie bar - DELISH!
    Another recommendation for anyone going down to melbourne - on Friday nights a cute cafe called Monk Bodhi Dharma in Balaclava has a raw food menu. The presentation is so beautiful and after chatting to the owners, clearly they have a lot of passion for what they do =)
    Thanks Christie!