Oct 3, 2011

Nine New Recipes!

I’ve been having a BLAST the past couple of weeks - well apart from a very emotional week last week where I resembled Miss Moody Bitch - but I'm all good now! So on with the ramblings...

So I decided to leave college - GASP - yeh I know! I loved it! But it's ok coz I am actually still studying; only I've decided to continue through another college via distance. This way I’ve got more time for other things I really really want to be doing! So it's better!

I’ve been pumping out my David Wolfe studies (I began his Raw Food Certification in February and LOVE IT!), and reading up on anything and everything nutrition as always. Just having the time to do that tho has felt wonderful! I feel that I've learnt so many interesting and fascinating facts and figures lately. I'm reading more and more; currently working through Raw Food and Hot Yoga by Tonya Zavesta (highly recommend it, I cant put it down so looking forward to her other 4 books I also got!!), 80/10/10 by Doug Graham (great for high carb lovers like me), and Raw: Your Biggest Questions Answered which has 12 experts contributing to the words on those pages. Ontop of college notes, other blogs, magazines and newspapers, I should find a way to get paid to read!

Topics like eating for nervous system troubles, why its all about fat and not sugar when trying to win the diabetes battle, fasting and calorie intake on raw, more on herbal remedies that still amaze me (I joke about it as my sister is a qualified Naturopath, me the nutrition buff – never interested in herbs – but working with them daily through my job, reading and learning more about them, it wouldn’t surprise me if I went on the study them also)... everything I've been educated on recently has fascinated me!

I've been eating loads of the best organic oranges ever! It's nearing the end of the navel season so Brock and I have been stocking up as we're mildly obsessed with these babies! Straight from the farmer down at lower Portland, Brock goes to pick them when he can. You can snavell these up at Kings Cross, Marrickville and Double Bay markets otherwise. Bar none, these are the best organic oranges around! I've just had about 7 juicy ones after my 90minute yoga class and feeling mighty fine!

And check these out - baby (albeit a little mangled) carrots straight from my backyard! To be honest I wasn't the best mummy to these little babies, but they gave me more than I deserved when I bit into them and was blown away by the flavour! WOW! Definately growing carrots again!

I’ve finally begun compiling and designing - actually creating my very first recipe book! I’m really excited about it, but my only downfall (which of course is also a blessing) is my Little Miss Perfect who can sometimes hold things up trying to have it just right. But I’m grateful to her also or I could end up with a shitty book! So that's making progress...

Kitchen fun, kitchen fun and more kitchen fun!! I’ve been creating new recipes for a little something in the pipeline I’ll let you all in on when it comes to fruition! But again, something very exciting! I had a few people over last week for afternoon tea (and scrutiny) to see how the recipes were. Here are some of the delicious morsels I made -

My 9 new recipes all in nice big sized rounds :)

I was sure to have a light lunch this day :)

Then plated up in bite-sized pieces so we could get through em all!

This is the Sesame Halva Ball which tasted just as the name suggests. I was always a Halva fan so re-creating a better version is bliss to my tastebuds!

This was inspired by nut bars I used to eat in high school, and the college girls still get them at college. Apricot-Almond-Coconut. Always a winning combination I think!

This recipe is a sure fire winner! I wanted something sugar free as I see so many people each day come to the shop on some sort of elimination diet, or candida diet so can't have sugar but emotions can often lead too (with women especially) emotional eating where we want something sweet. Welcome my SUGAR FREE BLONDIE! This is so damn good.

Then the treat when you don't want nuts. Personally I prefer to eat whole nuts then have them blended up into something where I don't know how much I'm eating. Having said that, I'll usually take you up on an offer of a treat :) But this one is all seeds baby! Bird food! But I love it! I'd call it Berry's Bird Seed Ball.

Then this guy was the first chocolate one I made and loved it - until I made a different one which shits on this one! This is very dark with little sweetness. Crunchy Chocolate Ball I suppose... real original I know but prob not a recipe I'll keep so who cares!
But the second choccie one... well it was chewy and dense, rich and chocolately, sweet, and definately made you want more. It was like the best chocolate brownie ever - only better!

Then there was this one. Inspired my my little sister wanting something lemon I created this - Lemon Delicious and my-oh-my yes it was delicious! It reminded us of a slice mum made us when we were kids. Light and fresh I've since made this recipe twice over for birthdays and gifts!

And this one I wasn't so keen on but turns out it was a favourite of most! There you go! It had everything you could think of in it!

And these little guys were my sisters recipe and damn they were good and chewy and sweet and rich and chocolatey... mmm. Antioxidant rich mouth-fulls of cranberries, goji berries, cacao.

However I did promise a recipe this time so here’s one I created and have fallen head over heels for –

Lemon Delicious
1 cup cashews, ground
1 cup raisins
1/2 cup coconut
6 drops food grade lemon oil*

Throw all ingredients into your food processor and let it rip until everything is well combined and the mixture has become sticky enough to form balls, logs, squares, whatever you want!
This quantity will make just over a dozen small balls.

*try lemon rind here, I only tried this recipe for flavour but would rather lemon rind, or freeze dried organic lemon powder I've seen in stores too

To take away please ??

Be sure to ENJOY your treats and share the LOVE :)


  1. So my dear.. the next time there is a "tasting" I will expect an invite. My mouth is watering looking at these. Question - could we use young coconut flesh in the lemon delicious, or does it need to be dried/shredded? And is it best to refrigerate them to set?

    Loving the new format of the blog. Loving you too! : )

    Jilly xx

  2. Hey hun, Sure try fresh coconut! Let me know how you go. You might need to add more cashew flour though to dry it out a bit. Fridge to set is perfect; or eat straight away :) And next tasting ur there x