Aug 20, 2011

Birthday Party High Tea

Last weekend I had a belated birthday celebration with a bunch of my girlfriends that was so much fun! I asked everyone to bring a small plate to share – but it had to be vegan. Cooked or raw I wasn’t so bothered (but happy most was raw), I just wanted to see them get creative in their kitchens!


I hurried back from yoga to get the house ready and set everything up for afternoon tea. I was so excited – it was something I had wanted to do for so long. So I set up all the tea cups we have (thanks my little sisters collection), got all my herbal teas out so everyone could choose what they wanted, then started eye-balling all the yummy things I had made before the girls showed up before I could continue to eye-ball all the yummy things they brought along!

These are my Co's Super Super Balls that I instead made into bite sized squares coz they're super choclatey rich; and topped with a juicy cranberry.

Moonie Pies! I've made these before (thanks to Heather) and they are AMAZING! Pretty much fool-proof so they always turn out looking a million bux!

My dream to have a tiered cake stand!

This is a Walnut Spiced Tea Cake I made that I have made before. It's so so simple and tastes so so good. You can find the recipe in my Recipe Section here

Cucumber sandwiches are a MUST at a high tea aren't they? These babies are made with sprouted rye bread.

My power balls! This recipe is my sisters favourite. Chewy carob tahini flavour mmm

Here's our delicious colourful spread! That scrumptious looking corn salad was done by my friend Kate and was the perfect dish between so many sweet treats...

along with juicy crimson grapes, celery and carrot sticks, an amazing pumpkin dip Zara made, hommous from Jorja, rice paper wraps from Maya, and of course tea!

And then Tamsyn rocked up WITH THIS! OMG! Chocolate-covered-almond-stuffed-dates, rich choccie-buckwheat-heart-crunchies, marzipan balls, and an amazing cake all for me! Her rendition of a Xmas cake with (what my taste buds believed to be) dried figs, dates, sultanas, carob, spices and more all enveloped in a thick marzipan casing, dusted with carob powder. YUM!

I had such a ball laughing, chatting silly girly talk, sipping tea, eating too many sweets, and sharing the afternoon with my closest friends. Thankyou all for coming to share my celebrations xxx

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  1. What amazing food that was created Christie!! I'm happy to hear you have so much fun and feel so excited!!