May 19, 2011

Joy For Life Retreat - Part 3

One big happy family hey! Awww. I love it!
But in wrapping it all up (coz I'm itching to tell you guys about what I'm doing now) here are the last little tid-bits from my retreat away...

We continued the green smoothies of course, along with The Work with Tom which took us deeper and deeper into our own selves... the bare foot running crew were out in force each morning with Sergei getting the bodies moving and the fresh air into the lungs before yoga...

...even on the muddy days!

Valya did her smoothie demo which was FAB - letting us in on her hints and tips of GREAT smoothies versus those "don't serve them to anyone smoothies" we've all made at some point in time...

Psychadelic green pudding one evening... topped off with slices of kiwi and what's known to be the oldest citrus fruit in existence - Buddhas Hand.

Don't ask me why the "buddha" bit, but it does look like a freaky hand of some sort...

Sergei did a talk on wild edibles that got me SO PUMPED to go out and try more new greens that I've never had before (some I've never heard of)...

And before we knew it our wonderful week was over :(
We had our first "solid meal" of the week (minus the fruit binge at Tropical Fruit World) as our celebratory goodbye lunch; but to be honest I was feeling like a green smoothie! And then I saw the spread put before us and was more than happy to dig in!

It was perfect. Fresh. Crisp. Crunchy. And so so good!

There were hugs and kisses, songs of love and jokes of the week we all had and shared together.

Sergei, Valya and I. Beautiful beautiful people.

I will definatley be going again next year and already cannot wait! Joy for life. Friends for life. Health for life. Love for life.

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