Feb 3, 2011

Vegie Curry in the heat?

Thursday afternoon off work and I'm sitting at home, drinking a big green juice whilst keeping cool from the heatwave Sydney is currently in the middle of. Whilst my older sister is sheltering inside also, however up in Cairns where she lives, and not from the heat but from the wind, rains and Cyclone Yasi. I get the feeling Mother Nature isn't very happy with the way we have been treating her over the recent years.

However, I was lucky to get to the beach on the weekend which is one of Mother Nature's finest artworks, and one that I could not imagine living without.

This heat has had me sucking away on many a smoothie - this one here is frozen bananas, frozen mango and passionfruit. Hit the spot very well the other day.

Regardless of the heat, I have been running more and on one run from St Leonards to Gordon last week (after a solid gym session too - yes I had severe energy to burn) I ran past the smell of Indian curry cooking. Ahh YUM!
I don't eat Indian curry anymore as I know that I would feel pretty sick in doing so, but I'm always up for some good Indian curry scent wafting my way. And running home it's all I could think about! And so what did I make for dinner? You betcha!

I threw a bunch of things in the blender, knowing the few necessary ingredients I had to have so my taste buds could bliss out, mixed my chunky sweet sauce through some carrots and broccoli, ontop of loads of leafy greens and mixed it all through again. YUM!

I found a recipe that I used as a guideline (whilst knowing what exact flavours I had to have), then swapped, changed, and omitted things to come up with this -

1 cup brazil nuts
1 ripe banana
1 tsp spices of choice (I used combination of cumin, paprika, tumeric, coriander, etc)
2 tbsp cold pressed oil (I used olive)
1/4 tbsp - 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tbsp sweet soy sauce (I would have used tamari but had none)
2 medium apples - chopped into small bits (I used green ones)
1 cup sultanas

Throw brazil nuts into your blender and cover with filtered water. Blend until smooth. Add your banana, spices, oil, vinegar, sweet soy sauce and blend again. Throw in apple pieces and sultanas, pulsing until combined but still chunky.
And the if you like coconut, throw in some shredded coconut as well and mix through. Tastes SO GOOD!

You can mix this through chunky vegie pieces, use it as a dip with crudites, or combine it through your salad for a deliciously different 'dressing'!!
I had this for work the other day and OMG. You know when you just stumble across something AMAZING by pure accident in throwing leftover bits and pieces together? This was one of those times -

1. kale, carrot, mushies, corn, sprouts, avocado, dulse flakes, and nutritional yeast salad
2. carrot, capsicum, rocket, spinach, curry sauce salad
Combine the two together and Wow. Wow. WOW!

Crunchy bits, smooth chunky bits, soft avocado bits, sweet sultanas, delicious sauce...

It makes a fair bit of sauce, but that's the way I like it - always leftovers!

Anyways, I gotta jet out the door to go buy some walnuts and dates for something I'm making later tonight. A girlfriend of mine is coming round for some KITCHEN FUN! Stay tuned for what we'll be doing...

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