Feb 10, 2011

Short Cuts through Nutritional Medicine??

Well my first week of Nutritional Medicine is almost over and I LOVE IT! I've met some really nice people, the lecturers are all friendly and bubbly making the classes interesting and informative, and every little bit of my being is vibrating from the excitement of what I am learning (first week I kno... things will no doubt get tougher and harder, but this is what I EAT, LIVE and BREATHE so to finally be learning it in a classroom setting...).
It feels GREAT!

( spirulina smoothie in Chemistry) :)

I've had to re-work my week though, compared to how it used to be. Three days a week I'm studying for 9hr days, plus travel time, study at home, gym sessions, yoga, runs, coaching, working at the health food shop AND preparing all my food - which can take anywhere from 1hr up to 3hrs per day!! Busy busy!

So I'm trying my best to try and cull the meal prep a bit - as the rest is all a little bit trickier (self confessed fitness junkie - don't dare try taking that away from me!!).

So, each night when I make my salad for dinner, I make enough for two, throwing a whole lot into my tupperware container for lunch the following day. Short cut numero uno.

I've also been making my brekkie smoothies the night before if I know I've got an early(er) start. Today I took 2 smoothies with me. One for brekkie and one for afternoon tea. I kept them in the freezer over night coz I was going to the gym at 530am and wouldn't be slurping on my smoothie til at least 8am. By then - perfect slushie and ice cold. As for afternoon tea - cold all day. Yum!

Snacks are ALWAYS in my bag; nuts, seeds, goji berries, dried apricots, medjool dates, whatever I'm feeling like. Perfect mid-arvo when I'm getting the munchies and want the cheeky snack whilst note taking.

And then my buckwheat crackers are also a great throw-in-the-bag-and-run type munchie. This arvo I spread a couple with barley miso and unhulled tahini; Don't knock it til you try it! It's a weird combo I know, and even weirder that it reminds me of VEGEMITE... But it's delicious! Give it a go (and let me know what you think)!

I'd love to get any extra suggestions you guys may have with organising your food. And I hope my suggestions help you - study or not, we all lead busy lives these days!


  1. Congratulations on your new academic adventure. All of your time saving tips sound great. I wish the 5 years I was in college I had been raw--imagine how much more I could have learned without the SAD brainfog!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  2. Hey there, good work! Im also about to start advanced diploma of nutritional medicine soon. Do you have any more tips and that with study and the course? How is it all going?