Jan 3, 2011

A New Beginning

And doesn't that picture just scream a FRESH START? *

Happy New Years to you all!!

I hope you all celebrated exactly as you wished whatever that may have been - a quiet one in, early to bed, partying hard out on the town, not getting to bed!
I spent most of the evening at my mums place but later ventured down for the fireworks spectacular on the Harbour Bridge, then walked back home and crashed. Nothing major (to be honest I've been an emotional wreck for weeks) but still nice.

New years Day however - WOW! The hottest day of Summer yet (if you know me, you also know my obsession with the heat and with the sunshine that usually comes with it). So what did I do? Like every other Sydney-sider I headed to the beach. A tradition that must be upheld every year. Sun, sand, surf, salt. I love it. Great company, lots of laughs, and a mild sunburn.

But since then I've spent time looking over what was 2010; what I achieved, what I learnt, what challenges I surmounted. What lessons I can take into the future, what goals I hit, and those I missed. Patting myself on the back. And then writing out new goals, intentions and wishes for 2011. Things I hope to learn, changes I will make for the better, what things I will continue to do, accomplishments I want to achieve, and any other FUN things I simply want to do.

I've also done a vision board for my life in 2011 as I really want it to be FANTASTIC! A NEW BEGINNING of sorts. A FRESH START.

One thing that I am already UBER EXCITED for is beginning more study. New study. Yes, I did just finish my Transpersonal Coaching, but studying feeds me. So I'm going back...
To something I've dabbled in numerous times before but never really committed too... something that I've put off doing for years, for numerous reasons... something that I have such a PASSION for and couldn't imagine living without. Something that (in some form or another) I know I will be doing for eternity...

I enrolled and was accepted into an
Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.
I cannot tell you guys how excited I am!

are always more successful when fresh food is in place so when the weather was beautifully warm the other day (unfortunatley it has died already and I'm sitting here typing in trakkies and a jumper), I made this -

handful frozen berries
1-2 frozen bananas
fresh mango
big spooon of carob powder
coconut meat
enough water to blend

All in the food processor and WHIZ! Instant berry sorbet out in the backyard.



  1. Lovely post Christie, here's to a fabulous 2011 and maybe this year we will cross paths! Love your goals and vision board too, I have a very similar list in my new journal! xxx

  2. Beautiful sorbet!
    Keep reaching your goals, your plans sound wonderful!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  3. Thanks for your comments girls - I love reading them :)
    All the best to you both for the new year, and perhaps our paths will cross Raw Butterfly :)