Jan 23, 2011

All that jazz

What a weekend! This whole last week has been beautifully sunny (I could say I've been enjoying it so much I didn't bother to blog, but that would be a little white lie). I'm quickly posting this at work 730am, as my Internet at home dies last night just before I got the chance to put this up. So for all you happy readers, here it is.

It's been more than a week since my last post my god! So a run down on all the fun things that have been happening... let's see...

A raw dinner with friends where we enjoyed nachos, big salads, zucchini pasta with a delicious sauce, and of course dessert -

carob pudding with banana sorbet...

and mini choc-orange mousses with lemon creme, banana cones and sorbet ontop!

Thursday welcomed back Crows Nest Markets after the Summer break which was so nice. The local buzz in the air, sunshine, people out and about. There's always a good vibe so I made sure I got up there on my lunch break, made the most of the warm sun and had a good-ol chin wag with Brock (oli).

Friday night was "Pizza Night" at my mum's (every Friday she makes her own pizza and puts her feet up with a glass of red) so I made myself a raw pizza with greens, vegies, pesto, and a nutritional yeast cheesy yummy sauce, with a green salad on the side. Mmm.

Saturday morning I went to Everleigh markets with Lisa, Dad and Gail. I had never been before but had heard alot of positive things so was keen to check it out myself. Set up at Carriageworks in Redfern, it's also where MasterChef is filmed so that was pretty cool.

We slowly wandered around checking everything out, chatting to farmers and sussing out what we wanted to buy. The organics looked AMAZING. There were biodynamic milks and cheeses, stone fruit, organic meats, coffees, fresh juices... falafels, raw crackers, BIG bunches of beautiful flowers, and almost everyone seemed to have either a dog or a baby in tow. That was kinda weird, but pretty cool.

The organics looking super cool in big baskets. Very RUSTIC I thought.

Super fresh cauli's, broccoli, and cabbages.

That afternoon I was swimming at Greenwich with Brock before we later ventured down to Symphony in The Domain. A favourite past time of mine (even though I've only been twice), I had very fond memories as a child. And it was just as magic. I love sitting on a picnic rug nibbling on food listening to wonderful music. Especially the symphony. Brock and I were exhausted and both fell asleep at one point but then I sat bolt upright when I heard the final announcment - and I was most excited (as no doubt the rest of the crowd was) when I heard - "the final song you've all been waiting for - the 1812 Overture" (YouTube it, you'll know it). Canons went off, fireworks lit up the sky, I was using Brock as my drum, kicking my legs on the grass, playing air-piano with my fingers... the music was in me and I felt so alive.

Oh, what about all those bananas we had??
Well I dehydrated some whole...

That were so ooey gooey chewy yummy and warm straight out of my little oven ;)

I dehydrated some sliced... and they make the perfect snack.

I froze dozens and I blended dozens. And of course, ate dozens. As did Brock. Would you believe me if I told you I'm not sick of them? Today I've had 3 banana smoothies and hanging out for banana ice cream in a minute coz it's so hot right now!!

Other than all that jazz, I'm feeling alot calmer from my homeopathics and seem to be doing a little less and chilling at bit more. I barely got the the gym last week (I'm usually there at least 4 times) but I did do alot more yoga which felt amazing. I think I needed to have the power of now - "living in the present moment" ; right here, right now, not the weekend, not tomorrow, not 6 months away but NOW reaffirmed to me, and my yoga on Tuesday did that for me.

I've had my ups and downs of late but all in all I'm pretty good. I know everything will turn out exactly as it should. And that I, along with everyone involved will be happier, healthier people with a big bunch of new learnings! I've had alot of support from loved ones recently due to personal issues and I cannot thank them all enough. I don't think I'd get through my days without them all. To all of, you know who you are, my sincerest thank you's.

Green love and white light to all :)