Dec 24, 2010

Christmas Cheer is near

Ok so I'm getting reeeeeeally excited now! Not that I wasn't previously, but now... XMAS IS TOMORROW GUYS! And I cannot wait!

But before I dive into all the festivities, fun, unwrapping presents, sharing hugs, and FOOD I wanted to make mention of the latter; FOOD and what it conjurs up around this time of year.

Lately I've seen so so many articles in magazines and in emails floating around about party-proofing your diet, and keeping trim this festive season. Sometimes I shake my head at the things mentioned, but on the whole I think it's a really good thing to have a look at, as research has shown that the few kilos that we sometimes (easily) put on over Xmas time can make huge changes in our systems - slowing down our metabolisms for one - and these things can lead to negative changes for life.

The key to continuing with the "healthy" (which I put in inverted commas is because everyone's definition of the word if usually very different) balanced diet we usually have throughout the year is simple - STICK TO BASICS. The basic things that work for you and make a difference for you, so when there's loads of temptations going round you don't go nutts for it all to only later feel ill (and possibly beating up on yourself a bit - I know I do).

So BASICS. For me it's starting the day with a smoothie (or a brekkie bowl). Filling up on fruits, superfoods, and whatever else I fancy throwing in so I know I can soldier on and feel great from word go.

Or have it in a bowl like you all know I love to do...

It's making a big green salad for at least one meal incase the other falls to pieces.

It's also having at least one tasty "healthy" food, that you love, that's really good for you, that you will actually be excited about eating, no matter what. Like today - I'm in the kitchen all day surrounded by cacao and nut butters making sweet treats so I said to myself "Christie you're gonna have a whole head of celery today" (easy for me coz I LOVE the stuff). So knowing I've had that makes me feel good about my day so far, and not so ill if I do indulge in taste testings :)

So when tomorrow rolls around (and Boxing Day here too when all the relos come on over), remember to tap into what you know works for you.
I'll be having powered-up smoothies, lots of fresh water, big green salads, and choosing at least one delicious vegie for the day when I feel like snacking.

And then without a doubt I can have my cake and eat it too!! :)

Here's a sneak preview...

These are the pie cases for my raw fruit mince pies that currently look AMAZING!

And these babies are miniature raw fruit cakes.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night xx

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