Dec 27, 2010

And So this is Christmas (Part 1)

What a weekend!
I've gotta tell you guys, I had a blast but WOW am I exhausted. I spent 2 1/2 days in the kitchen BEFORE Christmas even began, making truffles, rum balls, raw fruit cakes, marzipan balls, salads, dressings, and more.

But it was all very much worth it. Mum's place on Christmas morning was perfect. Four Fischer girls in the kitchen singing and dancing to Hanson and Mariah Carey Christmas carols like old times (it's been years since we've all been together). My stepdad and step brother got up, danishes were being heated in the oven, my "eggnog" was getting whizzed in the blender and we were all filled with ooey gooey yummy Xmas morning cheer.

With brekkie sorted we spread out across the living room floor to rummage through our xmas stockings and see what Santa brought us ;) talk about spoilt rotten! One by one each pressie was opened as we oohed and ahhed over what everyone got one another. A few hours passed and before I knew it I had to be dressed and out the door for lunch with Brock's family. Simple salads, more pressies round the tree, and afternoon tea breaks outdoors before packing up and heading off again, this time for dinner at Dad and Gails.

There were 12 of us all up and again it was great to see everyone. These days Christmas is sometimes the only time of the year we all get to share a meal together around the table.

So down our end of the long decorated table we had all the salads... starting with my favourite. Gail buys the BEST tomatoes I've ever had. Simply drizzled with a light balsamic, a delicious olive oil and peppered with pungent basil leaves. Each ingredient compliments the other so perfectly.

Fresh green rocket with sliced soft pears and a tangy lemon drizzle.

Avocado halves topped with a delicious tomato salsa made from beauties picked straight from the garden

And a great big garden salad

And then Boxing Day rolled round. Very possibly my favourite day of the year. I was back at mums place at 9am to start prepping all the salads before aunties, uncles, cousins and more starting arriving just before 1pm. But it wasn't until 2pm we all sat down with loaded plates and began digging in.

I made capsicums stuffed with a mushroom, mung bean, mustard seed, sage, lemon stuffing

A vietnamese kelp noodle salad with delicious flavours of lime, chilli, coriander, lemongrass and more

A quick apple and sprout salad dressed with agave and apple cider vinegar

A greens cabbage pomegranite salad that my auntie made

And the grand spread -

I LOVE Boxing Day celebrations. Dare I say it means more to me than Christmas Day. It's all about family, sharing, eating, drinking, laughing, catching up, watching the cricket (and asking for explanations every year). There's so so much to do in prep for the day but we always pull it off. And this year was particuarly special as all the Fischers and all the Gemmels were present, having had probably 5 or 6yrs where at least one or two of us have been overseas.

One other thing I LOVE and what you've all been patient waiting for, are the XMAS TREATS I tempted you all with in my last post. So I will reveal ALL in the next post.

Until then...

Keep eating your Xmas leftovers :)

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