Nov 15, 2018


About a month ago I posted this in my Instagram stories with loads of private replies, so I then posted it in my feed, again with loads of comments, and promised to write a post on how it was all going - the no coffee thing and what I was replacing it with.

Now the reason behind this was because there was a period of a few weeks where Taj's sleep was rough as guts and I wasn't coping the best ever. So instead of my decaf I asked B to make me his (regular, organic, caffeinated) coffee one morning (still Bulletproof style of course). And oh-my-holy-diggity-dang it was soooooo delicious! So it crept in daily again, and then maybe a second one (straight up black or iced) at lunch time... and it took me a while to notice it but two things happened:

  1. I realised that my decaf coffee I was buying from Woolies (the only organic decaf they sell) actually tasted rubbish in comparison to the one Brock was buying.
  2. The daily 1-2 caffeinated coffees were turning me into a cranky angry bitch who only felt more tired and more agitated, which isn’t fair on anybody! Especially not Taj.

So I had to quit the caff-caff. Find a better organic decaf. Try alternatives. Coz as it isn't the height of Summer yet, I'm still wanting a hit drink when I wake up before brekkie.

When I put it out there I got loads of suggestions from people! I was instantly excited and not fussed to be missing coffee... I mean you guys were telling me turmeric lattes and hot choccie's, dandi chai's (and bulletproof versions), beetroot and matcha lattes, bone broth, decaf coffee and herbal teas, a yerba mate + cacao combo from Cairns, medicinal mushroom blends from Madewithrawlove and Teelixir, and the uber trendy purple and blue lattes from Nutra Organics. The no-caffeinated-coffee-life wasn't looking so dull after all 😝

Until maybe a week in when I was missing the taste (I was a barista for 8 years after all, many moons ago, and drink my coffee black with no sugar, so it really is the taste I adore). That's when I ordered the actual real deal Bulletproof decaf beans. And man these are good! Three times the price I had been paying for decaf, but still cheaper that ordering a coffee from a cafe everyday.

So I wanted to share with you (incase you're also feeling a tad cranky-pants from caffeine) what I've liked best.

Made With Raw Love Organic Cacao Tonic Elixir blends: These are amazing blends made with tonic herbs, super foods, medicinal mushrooms and Australian bush foods, and what I love about them most perhaps (as a mama to a toddler who wants me 24/7) is the simplicity of these. "A spoonful" is how they are named and it's just that - add a spoonful to hot water, hot milk, cold milk, a smoothie, whatever! They are sweetened (very mildly) with erythritol so there's no sugar, making it legit "add a spoonful" and off you go. The range tastes incredible (yes I got them all) and let's you pick and choose what you want based on how you are feeling (Energy, Immunity, Libido, Brain and Vanilla). Having posted about these a fair bit on my Instastories I've had the most messages about this brand and my reply is generally a "yes, they're amazing, try it and see" ☺️So there you go. Do yourself a favour, and add some of their hand made organic chocolate bars to your cart while you're at it!

Medicinal Mushrooms: They've been around a fair bit the past few years but I first got onto chaga tea about a decade ago (thanks David Wolfe). I've had my on and off periods with mushies, but honestly I think due to my own financial reasons at different times. However, mushies are one thing I would highly suggest to everybody to always consume. The magic in them is regular, daily consumption to take you and your health to greater heights over time. These are tonic herbs, meaning safe on the daily! They support all body systems very gently over time. If you've got a cold, reishi won't help now, but it will help you don't get colds often if you keep taking it. Capito? Ok rant over 😝
So in addition to the mushies I was getting in the Madewithrawlove blends, the kind folk I know over at Teelixir very generously surprised me with a chaga, reishi, lions mane and their Ambrosia beauty blend after seeing my post and wanting to support me 💜I love Teelixir and have bought loads of their product in the past and recommend them to many people.
Enjoy these straight up in hot water with a little honey or stevia, or my fav is to combine any mushies with your coffee or cacao as they help to balance these out a bit for a nice gentler delivery.
There's a mushie for everyone so be sure to have a read or leave a comment below and I can make some suggestions for you.

Lunar Latte: I adore the combo of ingredients in this... Chamomile, Lavender and Passionflower (calming), Ayurvedic Ashwagandha and ancient Chinese adaptogens He Shou Wu and Reishi mushroom with purple carrot giving this blend it's gorgeous colour (and high antioxidants). I love this straight up in hot water in the evening before bed as a perfect way to unwind and quiet the mind (somewhat). It's also delicious with warm milk but I only like it that way if I'm not still full from dinner. I add a drop or two of stevia as well. It's a very subtle vanilla-mesquite flavour this one, and again with no added sugars, so one most people would enjoy I think. I also have their blue mermaid latte which is more of a chai-spice flavour, but I don't love it as much anymore for some reason 🤔

Bulletproof Decaf Beans: Oh hell yeh! These are divine. I would buy them again. Even with the price tag ($23 for 340g + shipping). But I am still out on the hunt for one just as good but cheaper and that I can buy from a store near me (not just online). So if you know of one, hit me up!

Lov Mate: This stuff is unreal. I only got a sample bag from the generous duo behind this Cairns company after a Cairns local messaged me and told me to try it. I was also lucky enough to meet these gorgeous souls as they were visiting the Coast to get their product into stores - YAY- and now I need to go buy it! It's that good! It's a combo of yerba mate, guarana, cacao and maca (so yes, still some caffeine) and I tried this both hot with water bulletproof style, and iced with coconut milk. I felt amazing on it and loved the flavour profile! If you're someone who wants an energy lift, perhaps you don't like coffee, or even if you do but want to try something different, give this a go! They have only just launched this and have almost run out of their first batch apparently so clearly I'm not the only newbie raging fan!

There you go kiddos! I hope there's something in here that peaks your interest enough to go try something new whether you're a morning caff-caff person or not. In all transparency too... I had had caffeinated coffee's that past few weeks. In fact I was sipping an iced coconut one whilst typing this 😝I'm all outta decaf 🙊I guess sometimes we slide and if we're okay with it, then it's all good. Just do go about beating yourself up and I wont either. I know for me, daily caff-caff coffee no longer works for me (since having Taj) so having loads of options to keep me away from it, and a damn tasty decaf is enough to keep me on track and away from it!

I'd love to know if anyone else is the same? 
What's your relationship to coffee like?
Let me know in the comments below... and have an epic day!

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