May 29, 2018


These are actually some of my favourite gut healing foods of all time. But I wanted to mention them here especially on the cusp of Winter beginning as it seems to be the time we all jump into health practices again if we've let them slide. So these three can definitely be added back into your routine now as well.
Why amp up your gut now though? Well if you've been living under a rock, you might not know that our gut health is directly linked to our immune health, and Winter is often when our immune health takes a hit and the nasty colds, flu, snotty, drippy noses come in. So as PREVENTION is my jam (and treating issues and illness comes second) I'm gonna share with you all my fav foodie things to boost your immune system, ward off nasties, protect your gut, and improve the health of your entire system all in one! I also recommend increasing your intake of these foods should you happen to come down with anything over Winter. How's that for a win-win-win-win 😉

Kultured Wellness Coconut Yoghurt

I forget how I first heard about these but I'm glad I did. I began buying, making, using and shouting praise for these cultures from the rooftops perhaps a year ago now. But did have a period where I stopped using them (silly me) and am loud and proud back on them again. For good reason. Firstly as I love coconut yoghurt and don't eat dairy yoghurt, and was buying 500ml tub most weeks at about $10 a pop. Well this $40 culture starter will make about 10L, which means it's $4 per litre, $2 for half a litre, and 5x cheaper than store bought ones.

Secondly, the beneficial bacteria strains and quantity in this culture is faaaaaaaaaaaaar superior to any of the health food shop shelf. Some of the benefits to Kultured Wellness yoghurt are:
  • It has an extremely high potency CFU count. (Yoghurt 41 billion CFU per cup and Kefir 27 billion CFU per cup)
  • They are suitable for those on GAPS, Body Ecology, low FODMAP, gluten free, casein free, soy free, grain free, sugar free, paleo, or anti inflammatory diets
  • Can be very beneficial for people who are sensitive to traditional fermented foods and who suffer from conditions such as histamine intolerance, SIBO, high inflammation, autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, autism, ADHD, PDD-‐NOS and PANDAS
  • They are D‐Lactate free to benefit people with issues such as MTHFR, liver & detox problems
  • Contain high numbers of Bifidobacterium, which are important for leaky gut, immune regulation and digesting plant matter
  • Can assist in rebuilding after antibiotic use and diarrhoea, combatting candida and crowding out viruses, weight management and obesity, and regulating histamine and inflammation
  • Are fantastic for allergies, eczema and psoriasis, establishing the gut wall and protecting against leaky gut.

In addition to that they are 100% natural, gluten and dairy free, vegan friendly, with no additives, preservatives, fillers or starches, and simply are a truck load of just good bugs.

You simply buy the starter culture, combine it with coconut cream, and let it do it's thing. This is not a sponsored post either, but you can buy it here. I also consume the Coconut Kefir.

And for EPIC recipes using this, like this Strawberry Lemon Yoghurt below, check out my friend Jordan's website, Real Life of Pie

Old fashioned Bone Broth

Science validates what our grandmothers knew. Rich homemade chicken broths help cure colds. Fish stock, according to traditional lore, helps boys grow up into strong men, makes childbirth easy and cures fatigue. "Fish broth will cure anything," is another South American proverb.

You’ve heard that health starts in the gut. Well one of the most vital nutrients for healing the gut is gelatine - yep, the stuff that makes the jelly jiggle. And bone broth is full of it. 

Our intestinal lining is meant to be permeable in order for nutrients to pass through. However, this lining can become too permeable due to lifestyle factors such as poor diet, stress, long-term contraceptive use, as well as bacterial and fungal overgrowths. This is how leaky gut — or gut hyperpermeability — works. Undigested food particles can slip through the gut lining and pass directly into the bloodstream. When this happens, the immune system freaks out and starts attacking the very foods you eat (hello food sensitivities and poor immune system).

What does bone broth have to do with any of this? Well, the gelatine in bone broth patches up the excess holes in the gut lining, so to speak. It’s quite the handyman, and should be part of any gut-healing protocol. Happy gut = Happy Immune system + Happy Mind.

Manuka Honey

I seriously love what Mother Nature provides us with. I've always loved honey. As a little girl it was my spread of choice on bread and I have very fond memories eating crumpets with butter and honey dripping down my hands. But it wasn't until my early 20's I discovered Manuka honey, and began selling it at health food stores I worked in when people came in with sore throats (from a mild niggle  to full on tonsilitis), wounds that needed healing, or an addition to their winter wellness kit of preventative measures. Manuka is that good, and unlike most medicines, syrups, tinctures and tonics, this stuff tastes amazing!

Some of the incredible properties of a good Manuka honey include:

  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties 
  • Treating and relieving the symptoms of colds, sore throats, coughs, mild upper respiratory infections, heartburn and indigestion ~ swallow a teaspoon as often as you wish
  • Powerful antioxidant activity which may protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals
  • Encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and help to maintain healthy gut flora, and help soothe digestive issues or acid-reflux
  • Reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system

Bonus Winter Tip: Take 1tbsp of raw honey before bed on an empty stomach to replenish liver glycogen and create stable glucose levels for hours so that you fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed and energised #boom

Be sure you're buying the real deal though. Which means you will be paying a pretty penny for it. It's worth every cent. I'm currently loving Manuka Honey Wellness.

And funnily enough, as someone who so rarely feels unwell or gets sick (I'm talking once every couple of years perhaps) I currently have a blocked nose, had a sore throat, and feel a bit of a head cold coming on so I'm dosing up on all of these, as well as all the natural remedies and supplements I know of. Oh the irony haha!

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