Mar 29, 2017


If you missed the Pete Evans interview on Channel Seven's Sunday program you can watch the replay by clicking on that turquoise text just there.
And I highly recommend you do if you're a regular reader of my blog.
I would LOVE to hear others thoughts on this...

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Night, the My Kitchen Rules judge defended his paleo lifestyle and clarified his controversial claims about sunscreen, dairy and breast milk, which he says have been taken out of context.

If you watch the segment you will see for yourself how it all went down. There were bits I literally applauded whilst sitting in front of the television watching it...

"....why would anyone want to study something that is biased, industry backed and outdated? That would be insane, and a waste of time...." 

said Pete when questioned about whether or not he has any formal nutrition qualifications.
And then there were other parts where I was shaking my head in disbelief, for no other reason than how Sunday went about conducting the interview -

  • Making mention Pete Evans has no nutrition qualifications to talk about nutrition... Ok...
  • Yet speaking to ONE doctor about it (who, um, also has no nutrition qualifications) who could have potentially been chosen based on his opposing views to Pete (why not question multiple doctors?)
  • Also asking this doctor about fluoride of all things (mmm... why was there no dentist interviewed about this? Or perhaps a researcher who's work is based around that of studying the effects of fluoride?)
  • And not having an actual qualified and experienced nutritionist in the segment, to agree or disagree with anything said in the entire half an hour, about nutrition and food?

Having studied nutrition myself, I know that it can be one of the most polarising fields and the most confusing, because we are all genetically different. One man's medicine is another man's poison.
An apple may be just an apple when it comes to labelling it as such. But an apple isn't just an apple in the field of nutrition. There is so much more involved. Some label it good, some label it bad. It is neither. It's an apple. But for some, it can be harmful to their health and for others, it's the best thing ever.

You can find proof to both confirm and deny anything in nutrition. You only need to search for the answer you want to read and you will find it.

So with that in mind, don't believe everything you read. Do your own research. Test things. Try things. Be open to new possibilities and changing things up when one way no longer works for you.

And above all else, enjoy the foods you put in your mouth. Get rid of the guilt. And include the full rainbow!

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