Dec 29, 2016


If you hadn't noticed, I've been MIA from the blog since leaving Italy in the middle of August - you could be forgiven for thinking I have been in hibernation and depression at having left one of my favourite countries on the globe, no longer getting the best pizza known to man kind, sipping espressos on street corners, or trying my best to wax lyrical and immerse my senses into all things language, food and culture... but no, I have another excuse. A big whopper valid reason.

I'm pregnant.

Yep. I am currently at the half way mark, and will be 22 weeks this Friday.

It feels real enough speaking about it but typing about it here seems more surreal. I'm a little lost for words... or perhaps it's purely my lack of regularity in doing so that has me outta the game today. Who knows?

I'm keen to write more about my pregnancy for you; what I've learnt, what I'm doing (perhaps differently to others), what I'm avoiding, what supplements I'm taking, and so on, but for now I'll give you a little detail of what you've missed and leave it there...

I unknowingly fell pregnant when we were on the tail end of our Europe trip, and you'll never guess which country... ITALY!! You can imagine how stoked I was when we worked that out!

Yet it wasn't until the 6 week mark we found out I was pregnant. A few common signs appeared along with being late with my very regular period, and I knew I would be very surprised if I wasn't pregnant at that point, so I got a pregnancy test, rose the next morning and voila! Baby on the way. 

Cue: Panic? Fear? Anxiety? Excitement? Thrills? Yep you kinda get it all at once.

And then almost immediately the first trimester fatigue set in. Holy hell! 

But I rode the waves, sleeping in a bit longer, taking naps on the massage table at work, and heading straight to the couch when I got home. My exercise routine went out the window then and there as I had nothing to give. Occasionally I'd manage a short weights routine when I was feeling good, which usually had me feeling better, but for the first 3-4 months, I barely did any exercise at all.

I'm now just over 5 months and the photo of me above was taken on Christmas Day at my Dads house after a big lunch. So you can see this little mung bean of our's isn't very big just yet (I'm sure that will all change soon enough).

For now, B and I are still in Sydney for the holiday festivities before we head back to the Sunshine Coast where we are now based - more on the move later.

My apologies in not getting this news to you sooner. Such is pregnancy so I hear. Some shit just doesn't get done. C'est la vie!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas yourselves, and that whatever you have planned for New Years Eve is perfect for you just the same!

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  1. Congratulations Christie. How is your condition now? Are you enjoying your pregnancy? It's the most amazing experience for a women. So, there will be pain sometime but it's a sweet pain.