Jul 28, 2016


Travel can mess up even the most flawless skin we all know. An old friend of mine Zoe Marshall posted on her social media on last week how her skin went rogue after her recent 2 weeks in Europe. Chrissy Teigen opts to look like Freddy Krueger when flying knowing airplane air is the worst for you skin. And dancer-slash-actress-slash-activewear designer Julianne Hough cleanses her face halfway through a flight, then follows that up with a toning pad, knowing that prevention is better than cure at the other end of the flight. (Source)

FLYING: Airplanes are notorious for the skin drying air conditioning and enclosed space where who knows what is lurking in the air. Without a doubt, new break outs appear as I walk off a long haul flight!

EXPLORING: We're eating different foods, eating less, eating more, eating at different times of the day, drinking more alcohol, maybe missing as much water as we are used too, and so on... All these factors can have an effect on our skin.

SKIN CARE: We sometimes have to adapt when we run out of our products early whilst abroad, or something leaks in our bag, and so we can end up buying mini bottles of skin care products that our skin may not be used too, or worse, may not respond too well. Again, causing break outs in our skin.

I know my skin is suffering in Europe. It was great in LA, but less so here and I know that its mainly due to what I am eating. There's much more organic produce and dairy-free, gluten-free options that make me and my body feel AMAZING over in LA as one would expect! But over here I'm eating more bread, more cheese, I've had more red wine at times, and I'm not getting my favourite thing in the world ~ an epic, ridiculously super-fuelled smoothie bowl in daily!

So after a solid 2 months here, I'm secretly busting to get home for a facial (and an amazing smoothie bowl) with my angel skincare specialist in Cairns, Liz from Cairns Clear Skin.

Until then, I wanted to ask her what her top tips were for keeping problem skin looking it's best whilst travelling and she very kindly gave me her words of wisdom to share with you so here you are. I hope you enjoy them.


~ Written by Liz Franz, Cairns Clear Skin

Keeping up a regular skin care routine can be tricky while travelling. We also tend to take holidays and go to a warm climate (unless of course it is a ski holiday). But do keep in mind that blemishes & breakouts are often more common in summer. High humidity, high temperatures in combination with city pollution causes clogged pores and may contribute to the formation of acne. So when it is hot and humid it is even more important that you take care of your skin with the right products and treatments.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go on your holiday that will keep you looking great for those holiday photos.

1. Take your acne medicated cleanser ~ even though you may be limited in space or weight restrictions. Even on long international flights ensure you have a travel friendly small container that you can decanter some into and use on the plane.

2. Do not allow your skin to dry out on the plane or if going to a drier climate. Excess dryness means more dead skin, more blockage and more chance of your skin cells wanting to produce excess oil. Use a light weight moisturiser.

3. Be aware of the SUN ~ Some acne medications cause sun sensitivity and when you are on holidays you have more chance of getting sunburn. One of the most common false beliefs about acne is that sunscreen will give you an acne break out. Along with that comes the myth that the sun will actually help heal your acne. Neither of those could be farther from the truth. The damaging rays of the sun should be screened from your skin at all costs, especially if your goal is to clear your complexion and keep it free of acne scars. There are some light weight 50+ sunscreens that will not clog the skin.

4. Exfoliate ~ this has many benefits. It stimulates the skin, removes the skin’s outer layer, and improves circulation and appearance of fine lines. It also helps prevent acne by removing dead skin cells from clogging pores and makes it easier for the skin to absorb products. So if possible take away a good acne mask that can be applied at night. I recommend Dermaceutic Mask 15 (FYI ~ this is in my toiletries bag and I love it!)

5. Be mindful of what you eat ~ We tend to over indulge in some foods and drinks that contain sugars when travelling in different countries. Try to Follow an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Inflammation can lead to many health issues and be the trigger for chronic diseases. Acne is often considered a chronic condition. Some leading healthy experts say the best diet you can follow is an anti-inflammatory diet, which contains lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fish and walnuts. The stuff to avoid is simple carbohydrates, processed and refined foods and too much dairy.

6. Avoid mineral oil makeup with binders and fillers that block the pores. I recommend true mineral makeup as it doesn’t block the pores and allow the skin to breath. A wonderful brand (we stock) is the Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. It’s ideal for people who suffer from skin problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea, and provides broad spectrum SPF 20 and UVA P++ protection.

7. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. It’s one of the best and cheapest ways to get clear, healthy and flawless skin, no matter what the weather!

Now back to that holiday :)


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