Jun 26, 2013

A Girls Weekend in Melbourne + Botanical Cuisine food porn

My Melbourne weekend in pictures for you all...

It began on Thursday morning with a 430am wake up call and a 6am flight. My older sister and I arrived in Melbourne just after 11am. To an apparent 8 degree morning. Oh but that wasn't the coldest we would experience...

Just landed -- from 28 degrees in Cairns to 8 degrees in Melbourne. Suffice to say, we were cold.

Later that afternoon, mum and our little sister rocked up (literally - at the door, surprising the eldest). We rugged up and headed out to Chapel street as I was super eager to go see Lola Berry do her thang over at the lululemon store. I was psyched I was actually in Melbourne the same time she was doing this, and at one of my fav stores, and with crystals, chocolates, dream catchers and bliss balls, talking all things magical, inspirational, and motivational. Why the hell not wouldn't I go?!?! And I'm grateful my girly crew were happy to roll with.

First night on the town with all the girls

A super blissed out evening; I couldn't have pictured it any better. Like I said; confetti, cacao, almond milk teasers, bliss balls being passed around, smiles bouncing from one to another, and of course all in a hyperdelic colourful space that is lululemon Chapel Street. I was as excited as a kid in a lolly shop just sitting listening to Lola speak. Clearly grinning ear to ear with cuddles and a foodie chit chat afterwards :)

Meeting Lola Berry - absolute superstar - and we had matching thumb holes in our jumpers!

Pana chocolates all 'round (if you have not tried this brand of organic raw chocolates, you're more than missing out girl), and individually wrapped! Oof! Super cute I loved these! And ate them all up! YUM!

Mini Pana chocolates! Perfect handbag size - if they last. SO GOOD!

And we were all gifted a crystal to make a collective wish on just before we left, and thus walked outta that door buzzing!

Crystals, confetti, cacao... All part and parcel of a Lola chit chat

Oh did I mention the sensational lulu gear? We went back to Bourke street to spend almost an hour trying on gear, and all leaving with filled shopping bags to boot! Not having a lulu in Cairns, I'm now determined to get one up here. Who's with me?

A selection of fantabulous pop-colour lululemon gear... The 4 of us all spent a fair bit in there! LOVE

Wallets lighter and I'm ready to rock out with my new purple yoga tights this week.Oh and pink shirt. With my stripey headband.

The following day, after a good veggie burger dinner, a sleep in was fabulous, but we had to make a move to get over to Collingwood by midday to see my good mate Omid Jaffari, founder/creator/chef/genius behind Botanical Cuisine. Having drooled over every morsel of an ingredient put into his creations from writing all the nutritional information about each and every dessert, jam, tapenade, ice cream and more for the website, I finally got to get down and try them all! Now I knew I would be blown away - Omid's stuff never ceases to touch a tastebud I never knew existed, but holy guacamole, this stuff is the sh*t!

Finally caught up with this guy again - Omid Jaffari. Superstar, friend, raw dessert genius.

 Raw vegan cream cheeses...

Melbourne Nights... Olive Pate... Oh my

Mum and Lisa in the tasting room... Complete with head gear

I was ready to start digging my entire hands in these buckets... Rest assured, I did not.

Products ready to walk out the door

Products ready to go in my mouth...
Oh my golly gosh...

Needless to say, lunch was much later that day. We wandered, walked, hopped on and off the famous trams, tried on clothes and shoes, drank coffees and teas, bought little nik-naks, enjoyed an evening in with antipasto, vino rosso and Despicable Me (too funny - def going to see the sequel), some couch time resting, reading and drinking my Mojo, and all had an absolute ball.

Mojo gut = Happy gut... with a spot of light reading one chilly afternoon in on the lounge

Sunday morning consisted of markets down at St Kilda and some delicious Italian panini's before we all had to head back towards the airport for late afternoon flights.

Catching up with my sisters and our mum has to be the best ever. Doing so in Melbourne; even better!

Have you ever done a girls weekend trip somewhere? Where'd you get too? Where will you go next? Share in the comments below - maybe we can get an inspiring bucket list going!

Christie xx

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