Jun 24, 2012

Saturday Night Potluck Feast

Saturday night was the last raw food pot-luck in Sydney as we've known it, as the wonderful woman behind it all has decided to step away for the time being due to health issues. Every month she would organise events at different locations, get lucky-door prizes sorted, and much more, so it will definitley be sad to see her go, but the much needed rest she is after will do her the world of good I'm sure. And who knows - someone else might step in and take over and we'll have more Sydney pot-lucks in the future... And maybe I'll begin organising them up in Cairns when I get there - more about that soon.
I took loads of piccies of all the amazing food as usual, so will keep the word content short and sweet so your eyes can do the talking as you scroll through the mouth watering morsels that were our dinner.

First up - My big plate of everything piled up ontop -now what exactly is all this??
Carrot Falafels with Tahini Sauce
Cauli-Brocc-Dill-Avo-Orange Salad
The most delicious Garden Salad - with macadamias! My fav :)
A yummy Cabbage and Veggie Salad - walnuts tossed through for extra crunch
My dinner highlight - Raw Dolmades!! Wow these were incredible!
Cabbage Slaw - one of those great dishes to soak up the goodies scattered amongst your dinner plate
Veggie Salad with colourful Greens
Chunky Creamy Curried Vegetables
Salad spread
That scrumptious macadamia salad again
My guacamole and the creamy cauli-brocc salad
Most of the dishes on half the table - I got so excited to see so many colourful salads!
Two different sauces for the Zucchini Pasta
Little blob of babaganoush on the left there - that was incredibly and delectably smokey

We absolutley polished every salad dish off with next-to-nothing to spare! That's how good it all was. But a pot luck is never complete without desserts, and often there are so so many you make yourself a little sick, so I was quite pleased to see less than usual, and most based on fruits not cacao (now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my cacao, love love LOVE it, but too much does make me feel ill, and too much is an easy thing to let happen at a pot-luck).
So for the desserts...

Pear Baklava Crumble deliciously moist with pistaccio's smothering the top
Mmm ooey gooey goodness!
Fruit Salad with Crunchy Mature Coconut
Soft and sweet Carob-Banana-Coconut Balls - had myself a few of these babies
 And the grand finale...

Strawberry Ganache Fudge Cake - YUM!

I had an absolute ball seeing everyone again - people I know, people I was yet to meet. I love the banter that goes on a pot-lucks where everyone shares what works for them in relation to the food intake, what doesn't, things they've read about, hints and tips for things, connecting like minded people, enjoying fabulous food and company!

So as I mentioned above, I might start this sort of thing up in Cairns! Yep it's official I am moving to Cairns! I've made little mention of it in previous blogs as I decided exactly what I wanted to do and what was in my best interest for my studies. With all that (and more) in mind, I have made the decision, booked my flight, and will be leaving Sydney for Cairns July 18th! I will be continuing my Nutritional Medicine studies, but doing modules in class as oppose to via distance education as I have been doing. I'm very much looking forward to the warmer weather, spending time with my big sister who lives up there, meeting new friends, and study buddies, and living in a different city. I can't wait to go, but as I still have so much to do before the big day, I'm quite content with the days passing slowly!

Until next time... a quote to keep you inspired...

"The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison" 
- Ann Wigmore


  1. That food is stunning!! So beautiful. I bet it was a fantastic time.
    I love Ann Wigmore, follow her wheatgrass routine and her living foods lifestyle. She was one amazing lady.
    Have a safe move.
    Peace and Raw Health,

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I was indeed a feast and everything tasted delicious!! I have only read bits and pieces about the work Ann Wigmore did but could agree she was an amazing lady :)

      Peace to you too x