Apr 12, 2012

Baby Got Back!!

Well... I don't know where to start but I suppose it would be nice of me to say Hello after so long! Over 8weeks now since I was last on here with you guys and thank you for those that did contact me to ask where I was, what I was doing, and why I wasn't blogging - knowing full well the joy I get from blogging!!
I've been so busy with my studies that I literally forgot about my blog for a few weeks, and then just didn't have the time to blog thereafter. I've had assessments and exams coming out my ears, along with continuous worry, stress, and mild panic over how I was going to get it all done! Of course it always get's done, but I have a tendency to worry worry worry, which gets me nowhere but into a tizzy.

Distance study has it's pro's and con's - one con being there's no-one but yourself to push you through the tough sticky bits. But it is getting done and I'm feeling good about it :) Learning more new and in depth topics to get those gears moving up top. It's been great and the thirst I have for new knowledge is what keeps me going. The excitement I feel when I begin to understand something and can regurgitate the information to someone else. I love it!!

Apart from burying my head in the books, I've had nothing too too exciting happen since my last post. A few things that have been wonderful though...

- I have done a Laughter Yoga course that I loved, have fun with and look forward to doing more of in the future. Have a look at this video where CNN news had a segment on it! Amazing!!

- Level 1 in Australian Bush Flowers which I fell in love with, and cannot wait to incorporate, play with, experiment, and help others with! I've got a small delivery coming to me today that I cannot wait to get my hands into and start making up remedies for friends and family to try!

- a 5-day Easter weekend trip down South; Brock and I drove to Tilba Tilba with another friend, to stay at Brock's mate's place on his eco-life property! Rolling permaculture gardens, spring water on tap, so much greenery, beautiful people. There was the annual Tilba Festival on the Saturday so we spent all Friday making risotto tarts, veggie curries, raw power balls and muffins, before a break with live music 20mins away in a seaside town called Bermagui (love that place). Then all day Saturday having fun selling out creations, chatting to locals, listening to music, checking out the local honey guy and other produce... lots of fun! Easter Sunday was a bit emotional for me for different reasons but I did end the day smiling which is the most important thing. Then Monday night we went to visit another friend and stay with him in Batemans Bay. Amazing place. We had so much sensational food, went on bush walks and bay walks, chilled out with tea and DVD's. Bliss :)

- more social gatherings with friends have been great! I'm making this more of a priority coz it's very easy for me to do nothing but study and then wonder why I'm so stressed? No time to rest and have fun! So a few dinner parties (always amazing with raw friends!), tea and gossip catch-ups, phone chats with my sister in Cairns, quality time with my man...

- I made amazingly delicious mini triple-choc-tarts for the birthdays of beautiful friends of mine

And yep, whatever thoughts are running through your head right now - they're spot on!

A delicious choc base (always my favourite part of a tart) with sweet soft velvety filling of 3 different flavours

And these mini versions were dessert for a dinner party with friends. Yum!

I'd love to give you the recipe, but as I tweaked it from the Cafe Gratitude recipe book, I Am Grateful, it'd be easier for you to just follow their recipe. If you can't find it anywhere, shoot me a line and I'll post it to you :)

- making decisions about moving to Cairns!!Yep. I want to do some face-to-face study and that's where my campus is. I'm excited at the thought of living with my big sis for a while up there in the heat of it all too! Having only been there once, I quickly fell in love with the place and cannot wait to get back!

- making decisions about starting an online site with health, food, well-being, fitness, info, tools, talks, products, the lot (very very exciting!!) Hard to contain myself on this one!!

- exploring herbs more and about to embark on a regime that I feel will do wonders for my skin, and the rest of my body (will tell more when I've worked it all out)

- enjoyed a few Hot Cross Buns over Easter. Yep, that's right! The amount of cooked food I eat is so minimal it's not worth mentioning but a good organic hot cross bun with coconut butter (generously spread) ontop is so delicious I look forward to it ever year! My gut is fine with wheat so no issues there. I've just gotta be prepared to not feel hunger pangs for about 5hrs instead of my usual 2hrs :)

Everything is rather exciting and a little hectic but I'm trying to focus more on the exciting bits! My little nephew is coming to visit next week, I hope to visit my dad in Bowral the week after, and get back to blogging for you and me regularly! I've got 3 dinner's on this week where we all eat raw food so I always love seeing what we all come up with!!

So thank you for your patience and hanging in there for me to return. Thank you again to all those who contacted me and left comments on my blog. I was very touched, and initially surprised at how much you guys wanted my posts! That was so beautiful to realise. Drop me a line anytime, always love hearing from yet-to-be-friends :)

Peace, Love and Mung Beans :)


  1. I'm I'm pleased to see that you are back, healthy, & recharged. Theres nothing wrong with taking some "me" time. Looking forward to reading about your latest ventures from down under. Oh, by the way, I'm definitely going to look for that recipe, it looks yummy.


    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your words of encouragement. It's good to be back :)