You know you need to up your game when it comes to breakfast, but everyday is still the same.

You want to dive into health and nutrition but are a little unsure where to start.

How to start.

And you find yourself slipping back into your olds ways - boxed cereal and white toast with a bit of jam - if you've got the time.

Chaos and crazy mornings feeling tired and wanting another coffee.

Yep, I hear ya. I've been there.

I've done the model brekkie of coffee and cigarettes, the grab-and-run muffin (vegan-gluten-free of course), and the tall milky milkshake to keep me full (of mucous).

But no longer my dear. And I'm here to show YOU how to make your breakfast easy, delicious, full of nutrition to power you through your incredible days, and be something you can't wait to tuck into!


Christie has done a phenomenal job with her first eBook - you'd think she'd been making them for yonks! It's a real life, real deal insight into what nutritionists actually eat for breakfast. You'll find everything from Raw to Paleo to Whole Foods. There's also no surprise that everything this book is certainly DELICIOUS + 1. All I can say is… nom nom nom, when's second breakfast? Rory Bland, The Whole Food Dude

Christie has collaborated with a team of leading nutritionists to put together this uplifting e-book filled with helpful information and tips, along with a wonderful selection of healthy recipes for breakfast drinks and meals that “nutritionists eat”, so you too can be fuelled to start your days in the best possible way! Marlies Hobbs, Paleo CafĂ©

As a busy mum who sometimes skips meals during the day, I have realised that a good and nutrient dense breakfast is a non-negotiable. Christie has created a great bank of breakfast ideas here with plenty of food for thought about the nutritional value of various ingredients. This is an easy to read and practical collection of ideas to spice up my breakfast plate! Melissa, Happy Baby Brain


Breakfast of Champions - What Nutritionists Eat for Brekkie

For years I've had friends and family ask me to do an ebook. It almost didn't matter what the topic would be, they just believed in me and what I wanted to share with the world. But I also knew that they loved my recipes.

Fast forward almost 5 years and here it is. My very first ebook!! Filled with recipes from both myself, and some of the best Nutritionists I have seen online. I figured this way I could give you more recipes, more education, more variety, and make it better than I could have on my own.

Your investment: $11 USD


As a Nutritionist and Transpersonal Life Coach, I have seen and witnessed many clients and customers walk through the doors of health food stores I have worked in, completely unaware of good nutrition. They think they're eating well but still have no energy, are carrying extra weight, have dull skin and hair that's looking, a little so-so. It's only when I really dig deep and ask exactly what they are eating, I get a true picture of their health.

And I'm here to tell you hun, that cereal, milk and maybe a piece of toast just ain't gonna cut it!

With a long history of being interested in food and wellness, I went on to study Transpersonal Life Coaching after Hospitality, and then further with Counselling and Nutritional Medicine. In all those years I have gone through my own health journey and been witness to many happening around me. And time and time again, it was the first meal of the day that seemed to be key in creating a life of health and wellness. But it wasn't any old meal. It had to be nutritious, delicious, quick and easy, as well as excite the person eating it. Or, it wouldn't happen.

Believe me when I tell you, that if you want to shoot higher in life, if you want to look and feel amazing, be at the top of your game, or shed a few kilos, YOU WANNA BE EATING BREAKFAST.


This ebook is impressive! Many of us are aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but lack ways to make breakfast look and taste exciting, with exceptional nutritional value.
Christie's advice and collection of breakfast ideas inspires every breakfast to look vibrant, taste delicious and provide the best nutrients essential to commencing your day as a champion. Chloe Wehlow 

Since day dot I was always a cereal and toast kinda girl, however with a growing interest in health and nutrition I gratifyingly progressed onto smoothies and homemade muesli. Breakfast of Champions however puts a whole new dimension on this simple staple, turning a usual morning routine into a whole world of choice. What better way to start the day than expanding the mindset to all sorts of possibilities in the kitchen. Packed with wholesome inspiration, Breakfast of Champions will have you fuelled up and supercharged to take on whatever the day may bring. Emma Lodge, The Organic Experience


Breakfast Of Champions:

// Gives you plenty more mouth watering recipes and suggestions to make breakfast the best part of your day

// Guides you to discover what is best for YOUR BODY

// Outlines the fail-safe formula to a satisfying brekkie, tailored to you and what you like to eat

// Delights your eyes and takes you on a culinary journey of what Nutritionists actually eat. No bull

// Serves you 19 incredible recipes from the professionals

// With my favourite three recipes form my very own kitchen

// Educates you on why the first meal of your day is so important (especially if weight loss is your goal)

// Shows you it doesn't have to be hard or time consuming - you can throw those excuses to the curb



Those that have a morning breakfast routine are usually:

  • More productive with their time
  • Have more energy to power through their day
  • Are less likely to be overweight
  • Enjoy exercise
  • Have less cravings for junky, nutrient-void foods
  • And are happier (true story)

I know it’s easy to skip breakfast when we’re busy, there’s kids to tend too, to-do-lists piling up and so on… So finding something that works for you and how your morning pans out is key. You may need to consider getting up 15 minutes earlier to make something nourishing and delicious to get you going so you can perform at your best. Or pre-planning to evening before. And it doesn’t need to be tricky, take loads of time, or incorporate 15+ ingredients.

And this is exactly where Breakfast of Champions comes in my dear.


Your Investment: $11 USD

And get ready to say goodbye to not knowing what foods are going to have you fist pumping all day long!


I loved it! I want to know what you eat for lunch and dinner now! Maureen P. Price

You can really tell how much love and work Christie put into this ebook! The photography is great and there's a wide variety of recipes to satisfy any palette. Breakfast of Champions can't be missed! Carly Herron

Colourful. Fun. And packed with great ideas that are quick and easy. This will be a kitchen bench staple for sure! Janine Zapini Rosa, Simply Raw


PS. Go on. If you're at the bottom you haven't committed to amping up your brekkie repertoire yet... So here you go... Last chance...

Note: No refunds given on change of mind purchases.